Navigating virtual workforce management with our in-house HR experts

  • While there is admittedly information lost by not being in the same room, there are also new insights to be gained.

    While body language is more difficult to glean when you’re not in the same room, you can get a sense of the interviewee’s flexibility and adaptability by their willingness to leverage the meeting’s potentially-unfamiliar technology. And when inevitable snafus or interruptions happen, do they demonstrate problem-solving skills and a sense of humour, or do they get overwhelmed and flustered?

    How to leverage remote interviewing to grow your team

  • Working remotely doesn’t have to decrease collaboration!

    It just means you have to be more intentional about setting kickoff meetings (rather than informally gathering a few coworkers at your desk), preparing workback schedules that take multiple rounds of input and review into account, and establishing approval hierarchies. This organized approach to project management can improve workflow even for those who are all working under one roof.

    Leveraging connection, collaboration and creativity in team-building

  • Even if the struggles our employees face are unfamiliar to our own lives, we must be empathetic and seek to understand their unique perspectives to best determine how we can help them grow and develop to their own potential.

    Encourage employees to take ownership of identifying the workarounds or accommodations that would suit them best – after all, they know their own circumstances better than any leader possibly could – and then work together to implement those changes as seamlessly as possible.

    Strengthening leadership skills in a remote environment

Three professional development strategies to retain good employees

Strengthening leadership skills in a remote environment

While every people leader likely describes their role somewhat differently, some of the most popular definitions of leadership...

How to leverage remote interviewing to grow your team

How to leverage remote interviewing to grow your team

Whether you’re looking to grow a team that’s rooted in a single location or collaborates from all across the country, finding a complementary candidate is critical...

The importance of recognition in a remote environment

Even the most self-effacing team members appreciate some level of recognition for their efforts and contributions – it’s human nature...

Leveraging connection, collaboration and creativity in team-building

Effective team-building is about far more than simply making sure colleagues get along; it’s also about mixing and balancing complementary skills and talents...

Optimizing the employee departure process in a remote environment

When an organization and an employee part ways, there’s often a relatively-short window of time to wrap up work...

Effective, engaging onboarding in a remote setting

So you’ve found the perfect candidate to join your team – congrats! While you and your organization obviously made a great first impression...

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  • Nicole Stewart, CPHR, Director, Human Resources

    Nicole Stewart, CPHR

    Director, Human Resources

    Nicole has almost 20 years of management and HR experience, and has spent much of her career cultivating Payworks' unique, high-engagement, low-turnover culture as the leader of our talented team of HR professionals.

  • Candace Synchyshyn

    Manager, Human Resources

    Candace is a CPHR Candidate who has spent the last five years partnering with employees to support and guide them as they realize success. She fosters trust through transparency, leveraging employees’ strengths and identifying opportunities for growth.

  • Selena Benic, CPHR

    HR Consultant

    Selena has almost 20 years of HR management and consultancy experience across a variety of unique industries, organizational sizes and HR structures, well-positioning her to advise on HR best practices and improving the employee experience.

  • Trina Huntley

    Learning and Development Specialist

    Trina has almost 30 years of experience in customer-facing roles and industries, and is dedicating her career towards formalizing guidance and support around the types of learning, development and coaching that ultimately grow employee engagement and performance.

  • Vanessa Nelson

    Human Resources Business Partner

    Vanessa has almost 15 years of broad HR experience across a wide range of private industry employers and takes a holistic and human-centered approach to HR that adds support and value to each employee’s unique experience and results in growing success for the business as a whole.

  • Millena Lazareti

    Human Resources Specialist

    Millena joined Payworks’ Human Resources team in 2019, bringing several years of recruitment-focused HR experience in both Canada and Brazil to her current role, where she provides both career and holistic wellness support to Payworks’ employees.

  • Maddison Kowalczuk

    Learning Coordinator

    Maddison has over a decade of experience in client-facing and Human Resources roles, where she continues to be most rewarded by making meaningful connections with clients and staff and is energized by guiding and witnessing their learning.

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