The world of work is changing and so is your role as an HR leader.

Let’s navigate it together.

Gain the business tools and expertise you need to keep pace with #HRFromAfar

Our #HRFromAfar series helps you respond to your business’ evolving needs and continue to engage and retain talent. Here you will find resources for:

  • Finding (and keeping!) the team you need to be successful,
  • Leveraging technology to plan a safe, strategic return to the office,
  • Supporting health and safety in the workplace,
  • Embracing a hybrid workforce.

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  • Nicole Stewart, CPHR, Director, Human Resources

    Nicole Stewart, CPHR

    Vice President, Human Resources

    Nicole has almost 20 years of management and HR experience, and has spent much of her career cultivating Payworks' unique, high-engagement, low-turnover culture as the leader of our talented team of HR professionals.

  • Candace Synchyshyn

    Manager, Human Resources

    Candace is a CPHR Candidate who has spent the last five years partnering with employees to support and guide them as they realize success. She fosters trust through transparency, leveraging employees’ strengths and identifying opportunities for growth.

  • Selena Benic, CPHR

    HR Consultant

    Selena has almost 20 years of HR management and consultancy experience across a variety of unique industries, organizational sizes and HR structures, well-positioning her to advise on HR best practices and improving the employee experience.

  • Cindy Tarasow, BA, CHRL

    HR & Analytics Specialist

    Cindy has over two decades of broad Human Resources experience across a number of private and public sectors, well-positioning her to serve Payworks’ clients as a subject matter expert in leveraging their organizations’ business intelligence to guide strategy and decision-making.

  • Trina Huntley

    Learning and Development Specialist

    Trina has almost 30 years of experience in customer-facing roles and industries, and is dedicating her career towards formalizing guidance and support around the types of learning, development and coaching that ultimately grow employee engagement and performance.

  • Vanessa Nelson

    Human Resources Business Partner

    Vanessa has almost 15 years of broad HR experience across a wide range of private industry employers and takes a holistic and human-centered approach to HR that adds support and value to each employee’s unique experience and results in growing success for the business as a whole.

  • Maddison Kowalczuk

    Human Resources Specialist, Learning & Development

    Maddison has over a decade of experience in client-facing and Human Resources roles, where she continues to be most rewarded by making meaningful connections with clients and staff and is energized by guiding and witnessing their learning.