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  • If not nap pods and beer kegs, what does build engagement?

    For an employer, understanding the value of “life perks” that build loyalty and long-term fulfillment for your employees over “work perks” like the short-term thrill of arriving at your next meeting by fireman’s pole is a critical component in employee retention. The ultimate goal is to develop a workforce of engaged employees who contribute better and longer to their organizations.

    Ping Pong Tables Don’t Engage Employees

  • 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers and professional development.

    If you’re not prioritizing learning opportunities for your employees, you’re probably losing out – not only on creating more valuable employees, but also on keeping them satisfied and loyal to your organization. But in today’s fast-paced work environments, how do you prioritize spending time on employee development? Here are three effective strategies for creating employee learning opportunities to help develop – and retain – your top talent…

    Three professional development strategies to retain good employees

  • It’s extremely important for leaders to recognize the importance of celebrating success, recognizing excellence… and getting out of the way.

    A good leader ensures people work in an environment where they feel safe to be themselves and share their views on new ideas or better ways of doing things. Good leaders encourage everyone to bring their gifts and talents to the organization and contribute in a way that’s meaningful to both the business’s objectives but also to the employees themselves.

    Open-Door Leadership: President & CEO JP Perron on Leadership’s Active Role in Employee Engagement, Growth and Success

Ping Pong Tables Don’t Engage Employees

Ping Pong Tables Don’t Engage Employees

We've all heard the lore of "cool and kooky offices" - you know, the ones where employees work diligently in a treehouse, enjoy lavish lunches in cartoon-inspired...

Three professional development strategies to retain good employees

Three professional development strategies to retain good employees

Acquiring new talent is exciting – it’s a major win to land an employee that shows a lot of potential for your team. But once contracts are signed...

Open-Door Leadership: President & CEO JP Perron on Leadership’s Active Role in Employee Engagement, Growth and Success

One of an organizational leader’s most important roles is to recognize opportunities for growth. Great people leaders are well attuned to identify and act upon areas where workplace...

Are millennials really that different? How to attract and retain 1/3 of today’s workforce.

Statistics Canada reports that millennials now represent the largest percentage of the workforce, with over one in every three employees born between 1980 and 2000...

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Nicole Stewart, CPHR, Director, Human Resources

Nicole Stewart, CPHR

Director, Human Resources

Nicole has almost 20 years of management and HR experience, and has spent much of her career cultivating Payworks' unique, high-engagement, low-turnover culture as the leader of our talented team of HR professionals.

Candace Synchyshyn

Manager, Human Resources

Candace is a CPHR Candidate who has spent the last five years partnering with employees to support and guide them as they realize success. She fosters trust through transparency, leveraging employees’ strengths and identifying opportunities for growth.

Trina Huntley

L&D Specialist

Trina has almost 30 years of experience in customer-facing roles and industries, and is dedicating her career towards formalizing guidance and support around the types of learning, development and coaching that ultimately grow employee engagement and performance.

Selena Benic, CPHR

HR Consultant

Selena has almost 20 years of HR management and consultancy experience across a variety of unique industries, organizational sizes and HR structures, well-positioning her to advise on HR best practices and improving the employee experience.

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